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"Always love the friendly service I get when I take our cars to Reborn. I've been going there for a decade now and they've always done a great job. They tell me what I need done and what I can wait on. On top of that, they clean the interior of my car when they're done with the service."

Clients Testimonials


Your service is better than the previous owner.


The customer service is outstanding.The diagnostics are explained well with answers to all my questions, and the actual repair is done in a timely manner. When I drive off my car feels much better and to me that's worth every penny spent.


They were ready for me when I arrived, I waited for my car for a service which was super quick! Many thanks. Very friendly as well along with a coupon to boot!


In most auto repair shops, the rule that "The customer is always right" is suspended. Not so at Re-Born. They are courteous, professional, and obliging besides.


Car repair can be as dreadful as going the dentist. Everywhere you go you wonder if you are getting taken advantage of and most times come away feeling like you were. Well worry no longer.I started going to re-born 5 years ago after my car was totalled by an uninsured driver (GRRRR) and I bought my dad's Trooper. Re-born kept it humming along so nicely, with great customer service. A nice waiting room, a excellent shuttle to take you to and from your house or work. The best part is they really do stand behind their work with an 18 month warrenty.We sold the trooper but now take or Honda mini van exlusively to re-born. They have kept it in great shape fixed codes for little or no charge that would have (and have been 100s of dollars with the dealer before). They ALWAYS let me know what is up with the car and the safety check lets me be incharge and keeps my mind at ease for our family's safety.I have had a fair amount of work done on two cars there now. The prices are fair, and the work has been spot on. If you have car troubles or are just looking for a good shop to avoid the troubles, this is the place to go!

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